Direct Primary Care Plan

Under this plan, all services are covered by the subscription fee. No copays or deductibles. You can sign up for this plan if you have any type of commercial insurance, or no insurance at all.  If you’re interested in this plan, please complete these forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.

United Concierge Plan

If you have a commercial insurance plan administered by United Healthcare, and you would like office visits and other services covered by your United insurance to be billed to United, yet still receive additional services NOT covered by United (such as virtual consults, newsletters, patient seminars, etc.), then you can sign up for this plan.  The subscription fee is discounted to account for billing United Healthcare.  Please note that you are responsible for copays and deductibles as noted in your United plan.  Some patients with high-deductible United plans find it more cost-effective to sign up for the Direct Primary Care Plan — ask us if you’re not sure how to calculate the difference.

Medicare Concierge Plan

If you have Medicare Part B or C, then this is the plan for you.  The subscription fee covers services that Medicare currently does not cover, such as virtual consults and complete physicals (not just the Medicare Wellness Exam, which curiously does not involve actually touching the patient).  The subscription fee does not cover the Medicare deductible or co-insurance.

General Forms

Transparency in Health Care Prices Table