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Comprehensive and compassionate care

Build a relationship with your physician for comprehensive, individualized health care.

Direct Primary Care Denver

Integrated, individualized healthcare

Appointments that fit your schedule

A doctor who knows your medical history

Direct primary care is how healthcare was meant to be:

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

I opened this practice so that I could be the kind of doctor I want to be.

I see my patients not as a series of ailments to be treated, but as individuals with wonderfully complex and forever changing stories. To know their stories completely – their childhood stitches, their heroic ambitions (whether it’s climbing Pikes Peak or climbing out of bed), their aching knees and daily struggles–means that I am able to care for them completely.

Having a small direct care practice allows me to give more of myself to each of my patients, and to practice medicine in a way that I know in my heart is best for them.

More about me

Stephanie Kraft, M.D., P.C.

Stephanie K. Kraft
M.D., P.C.